Where did my words go?

After this election, I couldn’t find my words.  I couldn’t get them out.  When I tried to write something about this election, all I got was a string of curse words or sentences that were just ramblings and had no coherency.  Then last week I found my voice and I wrote something.  I had to start it three times, but I wrote it.

My writings are mostly about women; my main characters are women, my opinions are about women, even the stories I make up in my head are mostly about women.  But I don’t write about women because I hate men, I do it because of the orange one (I stole that from someone else).  I write about women so men like him can never be the norm.  I write about women to give them strength to stand up to men like him.  I write about women so women will know they are not the only ones.  I realized last week that this election has not quieted my voice; my words were there.  I just needed time to stop the rage.  I have more passion now than I did before (and I had a lot before).  I will continue and I hope my words can speak to you all.


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