I claim to want to be a writer, so I need to write, write, write. After I started working on my novel again, I realized all my writing is important. It’s not just my novel that needs my attention, I also need to contribute to my two blogs. There are words and ideas in my head that have nothing to do with my book, but should be out in the universe. I have to stop waiting for my writing to come to me and go to my writing. It is waiting right there for me. It’s actually calling me and asking me ‘Why the fuck are you ignoring me? You know you love me.’ And my writing is right. I do love it and I am ignoring it. Sometimes I don’t have confidence in my words or I’m nervous about putting my mind on display. However, writing is a skill, just like singing, dancing or football. You have to practice. Every word I write, allow others to read and allow others to comment upon, will help to make me a better writer. It is a scary place to live, but my words are going out there for whatever they’re worth and we’ll see if I can become a writer.


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