Writing Procrastination

Placeholder ImageAbout a year ago I finished a draft of my first novel. I enjoyed writing it and I loved editing it. I am not tired of my characters or my story, even though I’ve read it 10 times.

One of the last times I read it, I realized there were parts of my story I wasn’t sure I was getting right because I didn’t have the experience to know if it was wrong . So, I came to the conclusion that I needed to do some research which would include not only books but actions.

I began to do the research I needed and when I didn’t get answers to my questions right away, I started to say to myself that I would do it later. First it was one week, then it was three weeks and now it’s been months. I have everything I need to get back to what I was doing. I know where I need to go, who I need to talk to and how to get what I don’t have. I just have to get off my ass and do it.

I don’t know if a lot of writers go through this (maybe it’s just me. I really hope not cause I might have to take some procrastination classes or something), but I started my author blog in the hopes that it would help to get me back on track. I started not to write this post because it says so much about me personally and not my writing, but I thought it might help someone else and I need to practice putting myself out there.


2 thoughts on “Writing Procrastination

  1. Completely get where you are coming from – oh boy, me too. It seems to be part of being a writer and yes, it’s not talked about a great deal, so good for you in owning up to it. You might like a book called The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield, a huge chunk on writers procrastination, otherwise known as resistance (same for artists too) Thanks for dropping by my blog, and I’m pleased I’ve found both your writers site and your site for women’s issues.

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